Mango Bunch India ( is an Indian news portal covering entertainment, sports, lifestyle, business and tech. Launched in 2017, the site has rapidly grown into one of the top online destinations for English-speaking readers across India.

Mango Bunch offers extensive reporting on the country’s thriving entertainment scene, from the latest Bollywood blockbusters to indie cinema. The sports section features comprehensive coverage of cricket, football, tennis and other popular sports in India.

For lifestyle, Mango Bunch covers food, fashion, travel trends and health/fitness. The business section provides insightful analysis of Indian companies, emerging industries, markets and economic developments. And the tech vertical satisfies readers with reporting on new gadgets, apps, and the impact of technology on Indian society.

Led by experienced journalists and digital media experts, Mango Bunch stands out for its original journalism, multimedia content and contemporary presentation. The site engages readers with interactive features, video interviews, explainers and more.

With its finger on the pulse of Indian news and culture, Mango Bunch has become a go-to online destination for English-speaking readers seeking timely, in-depth coverage of topics that matter. The site continues to see rapid growth and cement its position as a leading news portal in India.

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