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MUMBAI, India, Dec. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In today’s day and age, coping with addiction is the talk of every town. And of all the addictions, cigarette smoking could possibly top the listAcross the globe, 22.3% of the population has fallen prey to this heinous addiction called ‘smoking’ (World Health Organization, 2020).

QuitSure - a modern program

This is why even when at any given point of time, as many as 70% of people are willing to quit smoking, merely 6% succeed in doing so (1). People make as many as 30 attempts to quit smoking in their lifetime. And yet the chances of failure to quit are high.

There are many techniques in the market that say that they can help people let go of their smoking habits viz. Cold Turkey, Will Power, Nicotine Replacement Therapy (e.g. Nicotine gums), Addiction hotline. These methods have success rates of <8% (2).

Studies have proven that what works best is psychological methods like CBT (50-55% success rate) (3) , Psychological Consultations (37%) (4)  and  Hypnosis (14-25% success rate) (5) .

So when an app enters as a player in the smoking cessation universe and performs as one’s personal psychologist by combining all these best psychological techniques for optimum results, it sparks curiosity (and skepticism) in the minds of people.

QuitSure is currently the world’s fastest growing quit smoking app. This app is a psychologist in one’s pocket; that can be used whenever and wherever needed. It conditions smokers to hate smoking again. A 6-day program developed by Stanford University alumna, it has proved its mettle with a very high success rate of 71% (based on a 6month research study). The app provides daily videos, thinking exercises, and mindfulness techniques which incorporates the science of CBT, hypnosis and therapy which aims to rewire the mindset of smokers.

Why is psychology the right tool to help you quit smoking?

“If you want to transform your life, start with reprogramming your mind”, is the motto based on which QuitSure was created.

Nicotine, which is the chemical behind the addiction, gets the mind hooked onto it almost instantaneously. The body demands for more and more as the levels of nicotine drop. But what smokers don’t realise is that as much as it is a chemical addiction, it is also a mental one. Cigarettes become the inseparable confidante of smokers. And it is not their fault. That is how addiction works.

And mental addiction can only be remedied with psychological conditioning. The mindset and subconscious thought patterns need to change.

QuitSure, one’s own quit smoking therapist, brainwashes the mind to dislike smoking, by using positive psychology, rather than terrorizing with scary scenarios. This leads to long lasting results. Since the app works by removing the cravings rather than asking smokers to implement self-control or willpower, anyone can follow it. It also offers guidance from expert coaches and has an active community of over 25,000 people (forming the second largest quitting smoking facebook community group) to keep the motivation levels high.

If the user is not in the mindset to quit today, that is also not a problem. The app says “Continue smoking during the program. Quit when ready.” While many techniques use fear and guilt tactics to get one to quit smoking, QuitSure has its own unique approach. Positivity motivates a smoker to complete their journey. And there are no side effects. Users of this app state in their reviews that they hardly faced any withdrawal symptoms.

The cost of the QuitSure program is less than a single consultation with a psychologist. .

The reviews of happy users who have embraced a smoke-free life further validates the efficiency of this program –

“A lot of really useful info, and certainly a huge part of my quitting and staying quit. I’d been smoking for 40 years and had tried and failed a heap of times, and I’m now 12 months smoke-free.” – Nigel

This oneofakind app ensures that a smoker will no longer have the desire to smoke even if they look at it. If a smoke-free life is what one seeks, now is the time, now is the chance. Armour with QuitSure’s psychological methods and get started on the quit smoking journey. 


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