Star.AI announces ‘SYBLE’, designed to help users make better life decisions based on Astrology

SEATTLE, Dec. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Star.AI announced the launch of its mobile app, SYBLE, an astrology-based assistant that aims to bring more clarity in people’s lives and helps them make better decisions. The app beta (free for 3 months) is available on Android with iOS release coming soon, initially in the United States and India, with ambitions of a global footprint. 

Dubbed a “GPS for Life”, SYBLE detects relationships between planetary positions and their potential influence on different aspects of one’s life—including relationships, finance, career, and health—to provide guidance through all stages of life. It recommends favorable times for activities, provides advice that helps users mitigate negative influences, and includes a “SYBLE’s Wheel” which allows users to understand cosmic influences daily.

In a highly interconnected and complex world, more connectivity also comes with more choices and uncertainty. As a result, an increasing number of people turn to astrologers and psychics for guidance. However, these services are expensive and often inconsistent. SYBLE fills this gap as an affordable, always-on pocket astrologer. Its proprietary algorithm, trained in collaboration with accomplished astrologers and data scientists, creates a service more accessible and scalable than a human astrologer’s.

Shar from Seattle says, “My partner and I are getting engaged and I wanted some reassurance of my decision. SYBLE was insanely accurate in its compatibility assessment and assured us both that we were making the right choice. The findings also prompted my partner and I to discuss our differences and create a path forward. Beyond relationships, I really love that SYBLE takes an empowering approach to your whole life with career, health, and finance. It even offers remedies for unfavorable times and situations! SYBLE reminds us that we may be influenced by the cosmos, but we have the power as individuals to make things happen”.

“SYBLE marks a paradigm shift in astrology”, says Ajay Kaul, President of Star.AI. “Before, high quality and holistic predictive astrology was available to only a few. The incredible team of astrologers, data scientists/technologists, and writers behind SYBLE have made the benefits of astrology accessible to everyone 24-7.”

Khloe from Dubai says, “Upon graduation, I was overwhelmed stepping into the job market. I leaned primarily on SYBLE which provided guidance on favorable times for me and allowed me to face the job market more confidently. I have now landed the job I’ve always wanted! I am excited to see what SYBLE has in store for me as life unfolds.”

SYBLE’s overarching mission is to provide actionable guidance to the masses for every stage of their life by equipping them with tools to make appropriate choices.

More information about SYBLE can be found at the Star.AI website. SYBLE mobile app is available for download at the Android Play Store and will be coming soon to the Apple App Store.


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