VedaOils Launches Candle-Making Supplies for Business Owners

NEW DELHI, March 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With the pandemic continuing to stay, more people are opting to run small businesses from their home. Such businesses allow people to turn their hobbies into profitable ventures. 

VedaOils, a natural essential oils and raw ingredients supplier, has released a new range of Candle-Making supplies which are ideal for such people. 

VedaOils has curated their Candle-Making Supplies to include every product needed to make candles as per one’s preference. Apart from the basics like a variety of waxes, they offer options of Jars, Waxes, Wicks, Colours, Moulds, Wick-holders. The comprehensive list of items means that hobbyist candle-makers do not need to consider more options while looking for their Candle-Making supplies kit.

VedaOils also offers a pre-curated Candle-Making Kit, which can be the ideal gift to surprise or encourage any budding Candle-Making enthusiast with their new hobby. The kit comes with every item needed, right from gloves, spatulas and spoons, wicks and thread to fragrances, multiple pigments and decoration tags. 

For those with an artistic eye, VedaOils offers different shaped molds to create the candles as per one’s preferred aesthetic. From rustic to luxurious, the candles can be designed to fit into any preferred look or theme.

Candle-Making is increasingly being looked upon as a therapeutic exercise, which results in a beautiful article for one’s home. By choosing to add custom scents to a candle, people can benefit from the different benefits of the scent they choose. The personalization’s possible in Candle-Making make it a great option for those who want to enter the home-made gifts and DIY area. 

By making one’s own candles, one can be assured of the quality of the ingredients they use. The absence of added chemicals in candle wax is a significant benefit, making VedaOils candles a mindful choice.

VedaOils CEO, Aayush Gupta, spoke of the new range of candle supplies, saying, “We chose to offer all the needed products in one umbrella to enable small-business owners and hobbyists to conveniently source their own ingredients. We take care to ensure our ingredients are free of unnecessary chemicals, making them safe for all users. Watching people create art with our products is what motivates us.”

VedaOils’ quality assurance also means that they regularly supply raw ingredients to big businesses. 

About VedaOils:

Veda Oils, under its parent company BO International, has been in the essential oil and cosmetic raw ingredient industry for thirty years. During this time, they have stayed motivated to promote holistic beauty and self-care. The brand has stayed focused on creating products targeted to the Indian lifestyle.

With over 1,500 custom formulations, their focus lies in creating products that customers enjoy using, and that truly benefit the customers. Since VedaOils manufactures its products in-house, it can adhere to its goals of creating chemical-free products with the highest quality standards.

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