15 NBFCs gives away their certificate of registration to the central bank

According to the press release, six NBFCs have given up their licenses as a result of leaving the Non-Banking Financial Institution (NBFI) industry.


On May 10, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced that fifteen non-banking financing firms (NBFCs) had given up their licenses to the RBI as a result of going out of business and voluntarily striking off or amalgamating with another company.

The NBFCs in question who have handovered their license are: Anshu Leasing Pvt Ltd, Jewel Strips Pvt Ltd, Revolving Investments Ltd, Vanishing Growth Capital Pvt Ltd, and Drapp Leasing and Finance Pvt Ltd.

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According to the statement, nine NBFCs have also turned in their licenses because they were no longer a legal entity as a result of voluntary strike-offs, amalgamations, mergers, dissolutions, etc.

In accordance with the announcement, these NBFCs are JDS Securities Pvt Ltd, Jodhani Management Pvt Ltd, ABRN Finance Pvt. Ltd, Tata Capital Financial Services Ltd, Tata Cleantech Capital Ltd, Naperol Investments Ltd, USG Financial Services Pvt Ltd, Urja Capital Pvt Ltd, and Vandana Dealers Pvt. Ltd.