5 successful women entrepreneurs who immaculately transformed fashion in India

Indian clothing brands revolutionized by women in business. Take a look.


Women in business is not a new norm, yet before a few courageous women dared to change the face of fashion in India, men dominated the industry. Nevertheless, these women persevered and now control the fashion industry through their impeccable taste in clothing and trends. Let’s look at these inspirational women who are now well-known for creating stunning celebrity clothing lines.

Anamika Khanna

Anamika Khanna reveals how her signature cape came to be | VOGUE India

In 1998, Anamika Khanna began her professional career and thereafter introduced her global line, “ANA MIKA.” Anamika participated in London Fashion Week in 2005, and she went on to secure contracts with British department store Harrods. She was highlighted for her creations influenced by Indian culture in numerous magazines, including Glamour, Vogue, and Vogue Best Buy. She has debuted innovative saree draping techniques on social media, including the tulip, wave, and dhoti designs.

Anju Modi

Designer Anju Modi on the intricacies of fabric and beautiful design | Vogue India | Fashion

Since the 1990s, Anju Modi has gained popularity in the Indian fashion business. Anju Modi shared on Instagram her visits to Indian weavers and craftsmen, whom she regards as mentors and sources of inspiration for her designs. She makes an effort to incorporate traditional Indian fashion into her looks. Ram Leela and Bajirao Mastani are two examples of Bollywood films that feature some of Anju Modi’s most well-known pieces.

Anita Dongre

How designer Anita Dongre is working with UN Women to upskill women in Maharashtra | Vogue India

Popular Indian fashion designer Anita Dongre currently owns a number of Indian fashion labels. However, very few are aware that she began her professional career at Anita Dongre Pink City, a jewelry brand. But she went into the fashion business, and now she has several fashion lines under her own name, including “GLOBAL DESI” and “AND,” her hallmark line, “ANITA DONGRE.” Leather and all other materials derived from animals are not allowed in Anita Dongre’s couture designs.

Neeta Lulla

Costume designer and couturier Neeta Lulla to join the The Academy's voting body for 2020 | Vogue India

For the past 20 years, Neeta Lulla has dominated the famous costumes seen in Bollywood films. She has created over 300 Bollywood films’ worth of clothes, including the lehenga styles for 2024. Neeta attempts to maintain a fluid style and finds inspiration in nature. Her hallmark style, judging by the collection she has posted on social media, is low necklines.

Ritu Kumar

With a 50-year-long legacy behind her, Ritu Kumar is “nowhere near done” | VOGUE India

Ritu Kumar, the most influential figure in Indian fashion, began her work in the 1960s with a hand-block printing machine and two tables. Natural materials and traditional prints are the main features of Ritu Kumar’s designs that she posts on her social media accounts. She received the Padma Shri in 2013 in recognition of her outstanding service to the Indian fashion sector.