Aniruddh Dave: I would like to anchor!

Actor Aniruddh Dave was recently guest at Himanshu Malhotra’s talk show Share and Grow Spotlight. The actor had an amazing time. “I know Himanshu from before and we have a lot of common friends. We are part of the same group. For me, the experience was so different. It was all candid…it was like meeting a friend and sharing something, as the name suggests. I spoke from my heart. When you see a camera on and a journalist starts talking to you, many actors change the way they talk. But I am not like that. I don’t think of an interview like an interview. I like this concept and by what you share, others can grow,” he says.

The actor says that Himanshu has a unique style of conducting a talk show, one that makes his guests feel comfortable. “He asked me questions and told me that I didn’t have to answer if I was not comfortable. But I don’t want to keep anything hidden from my fans. I wanted to share as much as I could. Himanshu is so good, he makes everything seem so casual. We have grown up seeing so many talks shows that seems like an interview but he was so natural here. Here, there was no leg-pulling or trying to bring up a controversy,” he says.

In fact, this has also made Aniruddh want to anchor shows. “I would like to anchor. I feel that I am a good speaker. I feel I can speak well and am knowledgeable. I think I can really talk well to people,” says Aniruddh, who is currently playing a RAW officer alongside actor Sanaya Irani in web series Zindabad.