Deepika Padukone has upped her fashion game in the last few years: Stefy Gupta

Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra are two leading names of the showbiz industry, and have always been seen as competitors cum rivals. From their social media reach, successful movies, number of endorsements to fashion trends they set, everything is compared. Though it seems like a cut-throat competition, Stefy Gupta, a well-known fashion blogger, feels that Deepika has upped her fashion game in the last few years and is ahead in the race.

“Apart from her mind-blowing acting skills, Deepika Padukone is known for her sartorial choices. She has worn some of the top international labels as well as clothes of emerging and upcoming designers. Fashion comes naturally to her and is evident in the way she carries the outfits. Unlike her personality – which is very calm and composed – Deepika has gone really bold with her fashion choices in the past. She is one of those actresses who don’t shy away from experimenting with their clothes, hair or accessories,” says Stefy, adding, “Priyanka is equally glamorous and I appreciate her fashion choices, but they as less experimental as compared to Deepika. She prefers to stick to her basic style and play around it unless it’s a mega fashion event or award ceremony.”

What interests Stefy more about Deepika is how she manages to carry ordinary clothes gracefully. Being daughter of a sportsman, she is often seen wearing clothes that are loose, comfortable, and funky, which is not the case with Priyanka. “We have hardly seen our Hollywood diva in any such clothes.”