I literally stopped watching cricket once Sachin Tendulkar retired: Sumit Kaul

I have not been much of a follower of cricket. I literally stopped watching cricket once Sachin Tendulkar retired. But I still get excited about knowing of Indian team’s victories but beyond that, I don’t spend too much time on the sport. I do find the IPL format very entertaining but my interest levels are not large enough for me to follow it. So going to live matches is probably less probable.

Obviously, the moment you commercialise a sport and make its purpose Entertainment more than it is a competitive sport, it does dilute it and makes it a shadow of the original format. But having said that the format ensures that cricketers who are not part of the national side also get recognition and reasonable pay for their efforts. It has also introduced several cricketers who otherwise through the regular selection process may have not been noticed or would have taken longer.

As I said I don’t follow the IPL so I don’t have any favourites but I wish them all the best and hope that it’s a competitive game of cricket while entertaining millions.