Khalid Siddiqui quits social media, says can’t take negativity

It’s social media detox time for actor Khalid Siddiqui. The actor says that once he realised that most of his free time was going towards social media, he decided to make this change. “I have completely gone of social media as I realised I was spending too much time on it. And I feel I was looking outwards rather than inwards. It’s not really great to look into other people’s lives and neglect yours,” he says.

The actor adds, “Social media governs our life these days. You are more concerned about what pictures to post, what status or caption to put, how many people have liked it, who’s doing what. On Twitter, I feel there is too much negativity, differences of opinion, everyone is sitting on each other’s throat. There is just so much criticism, sarcasm, abuses and wrong information. There is too much negativity and I am done with this negativity,” he says.

How is the detox going for him, you ask? “I am feeling so relieved and at peace. It’s like living a new life where I am actually seeing myself, feeling like myself and being myself. I used to read a lot which I was missing the most. I am glad I am back to it. I am watching shows and films, spending more quality time with kids and now I just pick up my phone and talk to friends rather be on Instagram or Twitter, looking into life of people whom I don’t even know,” he says, adding, “I won’t say social media is wrong but one should know how to use it, control it. I realised I was getting sunk into it deep and so had to take a sabbatical for a while.”