Mohammad Nazim joins Roop!

Mohammad Nazim, who is best known as Ahem of Saath Nibhaana Saathiya, has been roped in to play the new antagonist on Roop. The actor, who played the quintessential hero — a doting husband and son — on Saathiya, has no qualms turning negative on TV. He shares, “Whether an actor plays a negative role or positive role on TV, it is of no consequence anymore. Besides, there’s not much scope to perform in the positive space. I did that for eight years on Saathiya as Ahem. Negative characters are more challenging; they allow you to showcase your graph as an actor. I want to slot myself as a good actor, who can perform any part. Today, people are finding it difficult to get work. You need to be seen to get more work.”

The actor says that it’s not challenging to join a show midway. He says, “I am not competing with anyone, but myself. If I am good at my work, it will automatically translate into challenging offers. I am quite excited to be part of Roop”. Well Nazim you are a talented artist and your audiences are surely thrilled with you doing Roop.