Monish Chandan rues the silence of Bollywood biggies on CAA issue

That the nation is divided regarding the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), and the violent student clashes, is common knowledge. A few from Bollywood too have come forward to furnish their thoughts, but the silence of Bollywood biggies – such as Khans and Kapoors – in this matter is deafening. Fashion blogger Monish Chandan, who commands a big fan following, too feels that more from the B-town should come forward to let people know what they think, as they have a lot of influence on the citizens of the country.

Monish said, “Bollywood bigwigs and A-listers always take a neutral stand when it comes to matters of importance. They are mute and politically correct and don’t upset anybody. But this is not expected from people who command a big influence and can help the government rethink their decisions. This only goes on to show that they are opportunists.”

We want you to break your eerie silence on the matter Bollywood, are you listening?