Shweta Rohira’s initiative for Mumbai Police is unique and thoughtful !

Actress Shweta Rohira who is doing the play That’s My girl has always been doing something different with her artistic talent. This time she has gone ahead and done an awareness campaign for the Police. When asked she says,”I have been doing this awareness programme “care of the caretaker” to respect the Police. I have taken this initiative ahead with #selfie with police. We have gone a step ahead to fill colour in police station with the message of Swacch Bharat. This campaign has to go on and on with many people joining hands and taking it forward. Speaking on her initial thought process behind this campaign Shweta adds,”One day when I was travelling late at night and the cops on the road were checking drunk and drive cases, doing their duty I realised that people have a very dis-respective tone towards them. After this I started noticing this very often that irrespective of the climate, festival and celebrations police force do their duty but we citizens don’t give the respect they deserve for their hard work. So I started this campaign. they take care of us and it’s our duty to take care of them. I with 2B! Foundation started this initiative care of the caretaker.”

How this is related to Swach Bharat Abhiyaan? “As our honourable prime minister Mr Narendra Modi is constantly working on this project of Swacch Bharat as an artist let me contribute to the walls of the police station by bringing in colours in their environment. If someone sees our painting it’s all about unity culture and cleanliness.” Speaking on her social activity and interest in this field she says,”Since childhood my mom Kaajal Rohira has been an active member in giving back to the society and this I can say I have inherited from her and it’s she who keeps motivating me to give more and more to give back to our society. Lastly I want to tell people to come forward in this initiative and join hands so that we can colour India and clean India.