The story behind Salman Khan’s first ad break? Who was the girl he impressed?

It is a known fact that ad filmmaker Kailash Surendranath not only gave Salman Khan his first break in front of the camera, but was also a mentor at the beginning of the superstar’s career. In a recent talk show, the star shared a hilarious incident about how he got his first-ever advertisement when he was just a teenager.

Salman shared that he tried to sway a girl, who afterward turned out to the director’s girlfriend, got him a break for a cola brand. “I was swimming one day at the Sea Rock club and I saw this really beautiful, young lady walking past in a red sari. To impress her, I dived in the water and being such an idiot, I swam the whole length underwater. So when I came out on the other side, she was not there. Next day, I get a call from Far Productions, saying that they want me to do a cold drink commercial – it was Campa Cola, at that point of time. I was wondering, ‘How did this come about?’” he shared.

“I went to meet Kailash with my aunt. I said, ‘Okay, done. But who gave you my number?’ He said, ‘That girl that you were trying to impress is my girlfriend. She told me that this guy swims really well. We were supposed to shoot that in Maldives and they did want somebody who knew how to swim underwater. Me and Jackie’s (Shroff) wife Ayesha were the only two who could do those laps underwater. That’s how I faced the camera for the first time,” he added.