When I was overweight I was getting all kind of roles of elders in the show: Geetanjali Singh

Actress Geetanjali Singh who has done a film titled Falsafa and has done TV shows like million dollar girl used to be an air hostess. She feels maintaining weight and looking fit is an integral part of the glamour world.

When asked she says,”Before starting my acting career I used to be an air hostess and I always had to maintain my weight. Gaining weight frequently is in my gene and I am a foodie too. I have a habit of exploring new food as that way I can also explore a new place. My weight was 78 when I was studying during my board exam I gained weight because of exam stress and all. Honestly speaking I really never cared about my weight. Over the time I have realized that people are only offering me parts which are elderly compared to my age few also conveyed this to me indirectly. On camera anyways you look a bit healthier. I was definitely not ready to take up those roles. Instead of that, I decided to shed off extra kilos and look lean. Now after a lot of try and error, I do control my body weight with a routine exercise and proper diet.”