Effective wellness tips to prevent mosquito bites in summer

Although the effect is small, higher CO2 emissions can cause a raised heart rate, which in turn can increase mosquito bites.


Mosquitoes are common in summers. Not only are their itchy bites irritating, but they also have the potential to spread illness. This is how to defend yourself and lessen those bothersome bites!

Prevention is key, according to Dr. Rahul Agarwal, Consultant Internal Medicine at CARE Hospitals, Hitech City, Hyderabad. The following are some practical strategies to ward off mosquitoes, as stated in conversation with HT Lifestyle:

Choose natural repellents: Ingredients like thyme oil, neem oil, lavender oil, cinnamon oil, or eucalyptus oil is preferred. These have a nice scent and have the potential to be powerful deterrents.

Choose Camphor: A conventional method of keeping mosquitoes away involves burning camphor. These insects are discouraged from entering your environment by its potent scent.

Keep it spick-and-span to avoid mosquito spread

Choose Light-colored Clothing: To reduce exposed skin, use long pants and full-sleeved shirts. Mosquitoes are attracted to dark hues, so wear light-colored clothing. Synthetic materials with tight weaving are more efficient than natural fabrics with loose fit.

Manage the Environment: Get rid of any gutters or drains that may be a source of standing water near your house.
Use Net: Sleeping with a mosquito net adds an additional degree of security.


Light Replacement: Replace your white lightbulbs with yellow ones. Compared to the UV rays released by white lights, mosquitoes are less drawn to yellow light.


Plant Decor: Surround your house with herbs that ward off mosquitoes, such as basil, marigold, and lavender. These aromatic plants have inherent mosquito-repelling properties.

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Keep it Tidy: The key to a tidy home is to minimize clutter and clean your home on a regular basis.

Maintain a Cold Ambience: These biting insects may be signaled to feast by warmer body temperatures and a rise in carbon dioxide emissions from deep breathing.

Fragrances: Mosquitoes are drawn to strong body odors and sweet, flowery scents. Use fragrance-free products or use them in moderation.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only.