Bangalore’s Kempegowda International Airport Sets New Date for Terminal 2 International Operations

The launch of international flight operations at Kempegowda International Airport’s newly constructed Terminal 2, which was initially scheduled for August 31, has been rescheduled to September 12. Bangalore International Airport Ltd (BIAL) officially announced the new date after careful consultation with regulatory authorities and other stakeholders. The decision to delay the launch was made to ensure optimal operational preparedness, regulatory compliance, and passenger convenience.

In a statement issued by a BIAL spokesperson, it was confirmed that international operations at BLR Airport’s Terminal 2 will commence at 10:45 am on September 12, 2023. BIAL remains committed to facilitating a seamless transition for passengers, and all necessary measures will be taken in collaboration with airline partners to ensure a smooth relocation of international operations to the new facility.

The initial plan was for Singapore Airlines SQ508, operating between Singapore and Bengaluru, to be the first international airline to land at Terminal 2 on August 31 at 10:55 am. However, due to operational readiness concerns and pending civil infrastructure work at Terminal 2, regulatory authorities did not grant the necessary clearance for the launch of international operations as planned.

The decision to postpone the launch was made during the final preparedness review, with the intention of offering passengers an optimal and smooth transition. As a result, international flight operations will continue to be housed in Terminal 1 until further notice.

The rescheduled date signifies BIAL’s commitment to ensuring a high level of operational efficiency, safety, and passenger comfort. The delay highlights the airport’s dedication to maintaining the highest standards in both infrastructure and services. As the aviation industry adapts to evolving challenges, Kempegowda International Airport’s Terminal 2 is poised to offer a state-of-the-art facility for travelers once the international operations successfully transition to the new terminal on September 12.