India-US Bilateral Relations: Prospect of Biden as Chief Guest, multi-faceted discussions, and ongoing concerns


In the realm of India-US diplomatic ties, anticipation is brewing over the potential participation of US President Joe Biden as the chief guest at the Republic Day ceremony and his attendance at the 2024 Quad leaders’ summit in India. This speculation sets the stage for a comprehensive dialogue between President Biden and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The conversation is expected to encompass an array of topics, reflecting the evolving dynamics between the two nations.

A senior US administration official shed light on the upcoming discussion, highlighting its multifaceted nature. The leaders are slated to review the progress in the India-US relationship since Prime Minister Modi’s landmark visit to Washington DC, delve into advancements in the realms of defense and economics, assess India’s Chandrayaan mission, and evaluate diplomatic engagements with China. The official also noted the significance of the US’s trilateral summit with Japan and South Korea, recent developments in the Indo-Pacific region, and insights on the ongoing situation in Ukraine.

Central to the bilateral dialogue is the objective of bridging gaps on civil nuclear issues. The US administration aims to address concerns related to India’s nuclear liability law, which has been a point of contention for the American nuclear industry. While a final resolution has not been reached, signs of substantial progress have emerged, according to the official’s remarks.

The rapport between President Biden and Prime Minister Modi, nurtured over time, serves as a catalyst for ambitious strides. The official emphasized that this personal connection paved the way for significant steps in recent months. Notably, President Biden’s keen attention to Prime Minister Modi during their meeting in June attests to the depth of their engagement.

With President Biden’s visit to India scheduled from September 7 to 10, the discussion’s timing underscores its significance. The official remarked that in the aftermath of impactful visits, the focus on sustained progress should not waver. Progress in areas such as investments from American firms in India and collaborative endeavors in the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework has been notable since Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the US.

The dialogue will also delve into the intricacies of the US-India defense relationship, progress in addressing shared concerns with China, and the implications of recent trilateral engagements. The two leaders are poised to exchange insights on global developments, particularly concerning the Indo-Pacific region.