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Elnaaz Norouzi: Beauty in a shell with no bounds

Hailing from Iran and making it to the big screen with top Bollywood actor like Saif Ali Khan, Elnaaz Norouzi, the timeless beauty, is keen on paving her way to huge success. Praised for her enthralling beauty standards, Norouzi’s screen presence makes her an even better fit for the Bollywood world. After huge successful gigs like Sacred Games, Made in India (Song by Guru Randhawa) and many more, the Iranian beauty has started to take the Indian audience by storm. Don’t believe us. Well wait till you check some of her best pictures, which totally makes her the new ‘Internet Crush’ –

The Speck-Tacular look to help with your monday blues!

Keeping up with Norouzi!

White has never looked so serene on anyone!

Bringing the best to the table is Elnaaz’s style statement.

Is this the new Bollywood shot, we all have been waiting for?

Surely the world can use some smile, Ms. Norouzi!

The new TIME’s cover we really look forward to!

Grace in a bold shell!

Just how we would love to have hair like hers!

Indeed she looks like a queen crowned in her mane!

She always looks like the Bollywood-ready diva!

Giving us the Audrey Hepburn look, Elnaaz seems to raise the bar with each click.

Be the best version of yourself; Be the real you because it’s all the about the comfort you seem to be in.

Being both Soft and Strong is a combination, Ms. Norouzi has seemed to master.

Sighing deeply thinking that this bold and beautiful lady has duly made her mark in the entertainment world. Now what all her fans totally look forward to, is to see her on the big Bollywood screens with other megastars; Ain’t she a treat for your eyes? A beautiful woman who does her job with all the perfection and sublimity.