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Genius turns out not as one on the box office


Genius: Utkarsh Sharma, Ayesha Jhulka, Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Rating: Bad

Genius Story: A young IIT genius grounds himself on a mission for the Research and Analysis Wing of India (RAW), yet his heart thumps as much for his love as it does for his country. Now all he needs to do is, Save Both!

Review: At one time he is a college goofball, at another, a dashing charmer and a campus legend with top scores. The lead, Vasudev Shastri or Vasu (Utkarsh Sharma) can shoot vedic chants without hardly lifting a finger, pursue a speeding guard on a bike with a limping foot and solve rubiks in no time to spare lives. That’s a lot, right?

Director Anil Sharma mounts an enormous responsibility on his child’s lean shoulders to gallantly outflank every other person including the film’s Villain Nawazuddin Siddiqui. For an amateur, Utkarsh delivers on numerous counts with his boyish appeal even as the film’s content shows up with its faultiness over and over.

The student-turned-spy has such high IQ that a roomful of agents wait, breathlessly, as he fends off a ‘badaa cyber attack’ in response to a panicky superior’s command, ‘binary code ko break karo!’. And when the interval happens, these words appear: ‘Genius begins’. Nope, not kidding.

At the point when Nawazuddin appears as the Villain, you think ah, some relief finally. Tsk-tsk, the uber talented Nawaz is decreased to striking poses, and, in about the main minute that you can take away, shakes his waist, tosses out his arms, and gets on to the dance floor. In the rest, he snarls and scowls

For this one, an amateur take in the entertainment world is all we would say.