7 Steamy K-Dramas That Will Leave You Breathless!

Dive into the world of Korean dramas with these 7 steamy picks, where passion, romance, and desire intertwine to create unforgettable viewing experiences.


With amazing chemistry and lots of attractive actors, it’s no wonder that steamy K-dramas are becoming a regular choice for weekend entertainment. Even though they’re known for their slow-building love stories, there’s plenty of passion and excitement in the world of K-dramas. 

Directed by Park Hyun-jin, the Netflix romantic comedy Love and Leashes introduced many Western audiences to the world of steamy K-drama shows — but it’s not the only one. Love and Leashes’ BDSM twist on the classic romantic K-drama was quite surprising for viewers who weren’t familiar with how much the genre has changed over the years. In the past, K-dramas were mostly known for being polished soap operas. While many Korean dramas still fall into this category, the storytelling has evolved a lot. Even seemingly traditional K-dramas often have their own unique takes on classic romantic themes. 

The steamiest K-dramas go beyond mere sexual content; they delve into themes of intimacy, companionship, societal taboos, and love in ways that less daring romantic K-dramas do not. For viewers seeking Korean dramas that push boundaries, here’s a list of all the sexy K-dramas you’ll want to watch!

1) The World of the Married

A Korean drama inspired by the popular BBC One series, Doctor Foster, The World Of The Married tells the story of Ji Sun-woo, a successful psychiatrist who appears to have a perfect life with her husband, Lee Tae-oh, and their son, Lee Joon-young. But appearances can be deceiving.

Sun-woo’s world shatters when she discovers that Tae-oh is having an affair with the young Yeo Day-Kyung — and her supposed friends have been keeping it from her. While it’s definitely one of the spiciest K-dramas, The World of the Married is also deeply emotional, as characters grapple with their darkest desires. Tae-oh and Day-Kyung share intense and unforgettable intimate moments that capture the thrill of forbidden passion, but the series also includes more violence than your typical steamy drama.

2) It’s Okay to Not Be Okay 

“It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” is a touching, romantic, and intense Korean drama that revolves around three individuals. Moon Gang-tae cares for his older brother, Moon Sang-tae, who has autism. The brothers constantly move around because Sang-tae witnessed their mother’s murder when they were young. Gang-tae typically works in psychiatric hospitals in each new town they settle in, where he meets Ko Moon-young, a famous children’s author with antisocial personality disorder.

As Moon-young discovers their intertwined pasts, she becomes romantically fixated on Gang-tae. Together, Gang-tae, Moon-young, and Sang-tae uncover their shared history in one of the most moving, intricate, and emotional K-dramas of recent times. The series even earned a nomination for Best TV Movie or Miniseries at the International Emmy Awards.

3) Love and Leashes 

In the Netflix K-drama Love and Leashes, coworkers Jung Ji-woo and Jung Ji-hoo enter into a contractual relationship. What sets Love and Leashes apart from other steamy K-dramas is its exploration of communication, setting boundaries, and romantic feelings within a relationship centered on BDSM. Unlike some previous portrayals of BDSM in steamy romances, this series emphasizes the importance of communication and respect for boundaries.

Love and Leashes is a steamy romantic comedy that cleverly incorporates common K-drama tropes. For example, Ji-hoo only reveals his interest in BDSM to Ji-woo after she accidentally discovers a collar he ordered at work. Nevertheless, Ji-woo proves to be a quick learner, embracing her role as a dominatrix to please the man she’s growing to love.

4) What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

In the K-drama “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” when Lee Young-Joon, a vice-chairman of a major corporation, finds out that his highly capable secretary Kim Mi-so plans to resign after nine years of service, he’s determined to keep her on his team. He insists it’s purely for work-related reasons since she’s an excellent secretary, of course.

Young-Joon pulls out all the stops to convince Mi-so to stay, including arranging a private fireworks display just for her and giving her meaningful gifts that reflect their time working together. But this isn’t your typical boss-falls-for-secretary story. As he continually delays her departure, the two start to develop romantic feelings for each other and find solace in each other’s company, healing from their shared past traumas. This leads to some of the steamiest scenes in K-drama history.

5) Hit The Spot 

“Hit The Spot” adds an intriguing twist to the steamy series by incorporating the concept of podcasting. Podcasts today serve a similar role to late-night radio shows in the 1980s. They can educate, entertain, or provide a platform for discussions on sensitive topics. In this case, the podcast originates from employees at an erotic bookstore.

Hee-jae is friendly but inexperienced in romance, while her best friend Mi-na has a bit more knowledge about sex. When their workplace, Play Books—an erotic book and toy shop—needs new hosts for a sex and romance podcast, Hee-jae and Mi-na rise to the challenge.

From steamy sex scenes to candid discussions about intimacy, toys, and relationships, “Hit the Spot” takes viewers on an exhilarating journey as Hee-jae and Mi-na explore and embrace their sexuality.

6) Another Miss Oh

This K-drama follows the tale of Park Do-kyung, who is jilted at the altar by his fiancée, Oh Hae-young. Furious, Do-kyung seeks revenge by disrupting her wedding plans upon learning she’s engaged again. However, he mistakenly targets another woman named Oh Hae-young, not his former love.

The mix-up leads to a series of comedic misunderstandings, but also sparks a sweet and passionate romance between Do-kyung and the “other” Hae-young. However, when Do-kyung sees his ex with her ex-fiancé, he’s understandably upset, leading to a heated encounter and one of the most intense kissing scenes in K-drama history.

7) Nevertheless 

“Nevertheless” tells the story of two individuals who struggle with relationships and doubt the existence of true love. While this setup is a familiar romantic comedy trope, “Nevertheless” manages to bring a fresh perspective to it.

Park Jae-eon is a notorious flirt who avoids commitment, while Yu Na-bi is wary of love due to past heartbreak. Despite their reservations, they decide to enter a relationship and give commitment a chance. As they navigate a semi-friends-with-benefits arrangement, they gradually develop feelings for each other and reconsider their cynical attitudes towards love.

The steamy K-drama is filled with tension as they both wrestle with their feelings and uncertainties. Na-bi even experiences an intensely passionate dream about Jae-eon, adding to the emotional complexity of their relationship.