9 Korean sci-fi films that are unmissable: Wonderland to The Host

Korean sci-fi films have succeeded in fusing action with deep narratives that present fresh viewpoints on life.


Sci-fi films captivate audiences with their gripping action sequences, captivating storytelling, and exhilarating visuals.

Ample attention is paid to concepts like animal mistreatment, love, sacrifice, loss, and poor environmental circumstances in Korean science fiction films. Watch some of the sci-fi Korean films that will stick with you for days.

1. Wonderland

Wonderland teaser: Bae Suzy, Park Bo Gum communicate in stimulated world  mediated by Choi Woo Shik and Jung Yu Mi | PINKVILLA: Korean

The story of the film centers on Wonderland, a virtual world where, thanks to cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, people can make contact with loved ones they have lost in the real world. Jeong In, whose boyfriend goes into a comatose state after an incident, is among those who seek out the services. However, a man in his 40s also makes an appointment to see Bai Li, his wife, after he lost her. Then all of a sudden, the technology starts acting strangely and can’t keep up with the demands.

2. Space Sweepers

If you loved 'Space Sweepers', here are other Korean sci-fi drama films to  watch- Republic World

The plot, is set in 2092, centers on the crew of the space junk collector ship Victory as they come across Dorothy, a humanoid robot that could be a weapon of mass destruction. Navigating a perilous journey loaded with interplanetary threats, the motley crew of misfits fights for dominance of space-faring governments and enterprises.

3. Okja

Watch Okja | Netflix Official Site

In this science fiction movie, a girl named Mija has a special relationship with a genetically altered pig. After the international corporation Mirando Corporation kidnaps Okja, Mija sets out on a risky quest to save her buddy, revealing the murky side of the food business.

4. Snowpiercer

Snowpiercer Season 1 Review: Snowpiercer is as cold as the post-apocalyptic  world it is set in

In a post-apocalyptic world frozen by a botched climate experiment, the last of mankind makes it onboard the train known as the Snowpiercer, which never stops moving. When lower-class passengers, headed by Curtis, rebel against the upper class who control the front carriages, the strict class structure of the train is put to the test.

5. The Moon

The Moon (2023) - IMDb

The film is set in a not too distant future and centers on a tragic disaster that leaves a lone astronaut on the moon. Returning to Earth, a troubled former space program director leads a risky rescue effort while juggling personal and professional issues.

6. Seobok

Seobok (2021) - IMDb

The plot centers on Min Ki Heon, a former intelligence operative entrusted with seeing to it that Seobok, the first human clone ever created, gets transported safely. But because Seobok knows the key to perpetual life, he is a target for other groups. Facing many obstacles, the two forge an odd relationship as they set off on a perilous adventure.

7. The Host

The Host (2006) – TrailerThe Park family, whose daughter Hyun Seo is abducted by a hideous beast that emerges from the Han River, is the main focus of the plot. Since the government is powerless to assist, the family decides to act independently and embarks on a mission to save her.

8. SORI: Voice from the Heart

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The film, which combines science fiction with human emotions, centers on a distraught father who is looking for his daughter who has vanished. He comes upon a broken artificial intelligence robot on his travels that can record and reproduce any sound it hears. They set out on a mission to find the truth behind his daughter’s disappearance together.

9. Young Gun in the Time

Young Gun in the Time | Rotten Tomatoes

In this peculiar science fiction action comedy, Young Gun, a private investigator, discovers a time-traveling apparatus. He comes across strange and perilous circumstances as he travels through several eras to solve a case.