Alpha: A treacherous journey home alone with a wolf


Alpha Story: Set in the last Ice Age, a young fellow must figure out how to survive alone in the wild by learning how to depend on a wolf.

Alpha Review: The brutal and unforgiving scene of the Ice Age shapes the background to this anecdotal story as youthful Keda (Kodi Smit-McPhee) is injured and left for dead after a mishap during a hunting expedition. While attempting to go back home, he becomes a close acquaintance with an injured wolf, and they both must battle the problems and different predators in the wild to survive the trial.

Smit-McPhee is entrusted with the greater part of the acting duties, and the young actor shows that he is clearly fit for the role along with his beguiling co-star. The story itself is moderately direct which may get unsurprising, yet it fills in as a root tale of how canines turned out to be ‘best friend people could ever have’.

In the movie, the real precision is easy to refute – for example, the amount of time taken for trust to develop amongst Keda and the wolf is significantly misrepresented, yet these true to life freedoms are satisfactory inside the domain of what the film tries to accomplish. As we said, Alpha presents a plausible take on the origins of the human-canine bond — but more importantly, it’s an absorbing survival tale with an appealing main character and a wolf that everyone will root for. As Keda, his courage and drive are entirely believable. It’s a transformational story of a young man’s agonizing journey into adulthood. His performance is simple and grounded.

Despite the fact that the plot is not really imaginative, there’s sufficient cinematography and specialized wizardry in plain view for making the audience essentially connected to ‘Alpha’. An inspiring yet treacherous journey home alone makes it a good watch for audience with the canine-human bond.