Angry Birds 2: A great follow up to the first part


Since Angry Birds came into the picture, it was always thought of what all could be done with this story. The new film, right from the first scene, established that this sequel of ‘The Angry Birds’ is strictly a kiddie flick and thankfully, it never tries to be anything other than that.

The makers throw in a lot of slapstick comedy by a battery of old and new characters of all shapes, sizes, and colours. Leading the pack Red (Jason Sudeikis), who has pretty much become symbolic of the franchise, along with his winged buddies, Chuck (Josh Gad) and Bomb (Danny McBride) must work with their ace nemesis, the king pig Leonard Mudbeard (Bill Hader), to save the Bird Island.

Together all three of them bring a great amount of with their weird goofy acts. While Red’s character gets a definite arc, Chuck, Bomb, and Leonard have to play on their special powers and unbridled cuteness, to impress the audience. New additions – Chuck’s sister Silver (Rachel Bloom) – a tech-savvy Brainiac and the film’s main villain Zeta (Leslie Jones), a purple eagle are quite impressive. Zeta’s villainy is more entertaining than threatening, but that doesn’t blunt the terror she wields.

There are references from the real world like a film poster called ‘Crazy Rich Avians’, and ‘Piggific’ ocean. Jokes and punches of varying degrees come in consistently and abundantly. Many of them land successfully.

Along with a lot of goofing around, there are also some unwanted detours like a parallel track of the hatchlings that never really matures into anything meaningful.

Compared to many successful franchises from Hollywood’s animation hall of fame, ‘The Angry Birds’ sequel comes off as way too fluffy and juvenile. While it doesn’t soar to greater cinematic heights, it surely improves on the original. The film’s feather-light approach will leave you with quite a few chuckles without trying to be preachy or tug at your heartstrings.