Anurag Kashyap’s movie Mukkabaaz is grey love story


Anurag kashyap has finally made a movie of the type in which he is no less than a master. The Director with his team has released the movie Mukkabaaz for the Audience. The trailer of the movie looked so interesting when it was launched. The movie has lived to the expectation.

The movie saw Vineet Kumar Singh and Zoya Hussain in the leading role with Jimmy Shergill and Ravi Kishan as the supporting actors.” Mukkabaaz”, is the story about a young gun “Shravan Kumar” (Vineet Singh), whose only ambition in life is to be a professional boxer .His nemesis is Bhagwan Das (Jimmy Shergill). Shravan is shown suffering with the stigma of caste every now and then. Apart from his conflict from Bhagwan Das (who is a Brahmin), Sharavan is discriminated and is being forced into servitude by his seniors in the job as well as in the sporting arena where Quota system persists.

The twist in the story is that the hero of the movie falls for the niece of Bhagwan Das . Sunaina could not speak but is definitely not an innocent “goongi gudiya”. The chemistry between the two is wonderful to watch. The efforts made by Sharavan along with his friend to convince Sunaina will surely bring a joy and laughter to your face. The other characters including Sharavan’s family members, Sunaina’s father and mother and most importantly Ravi Kishan playing the role of a coach in the movie are the strongest part of the movie. He, in the movie is shown putting efforts to change the brawler (Mukkabaaz) to a boxer (Mukkebaz).

In spite of having the lack of ostensible polish works that could be done to improve its flavor; one should give this movie a chance to entertain. Most likely you will find it worth watching like most of the other audience did.  Kashyap would be praised for highlighting the bad politics in sports, disability, stigma of caste and class and the problems faced by the common people to progress in an Indian society.