Bailaras created magic on Big Cinema



The movie is special in itself as it brings together actor Binnu Dhillon and director Ksshitij Chaudhary again after this year’s runaway hit. Another reason which adds is the story written by Jass Grewal. His story always brings uniqueness.

The movie is shot in a village where Jagga (Binnu Dhillon) lives. He owns a Belarus tractor (Bailaras).The movie starts with him competing in a tochan competition and the viewer is in awe of the giant of a tractor, Bailaras. Touchan competition is basically a tug of war competition between two the tractors.

Binnu is happy man shown in the movie. The only Problem in his life was the family pressure on him to marry as soon as possible. The interesting part starts when he falls in love with a girl named Prachi. Prachi Tehlan is a revelation. This was her second movie as a leading actress but her acting skills speak differently. She brought life to the movie. The acing was worth watching. She is camera friendly and oozes confidence. The negative role in the movie is played by Dev Kharod . He too played his role of an angry jealous man who does not like Binnu winning all the times in the tractor competition. He even hated the relation that later in the movie was developed between Binnu and Prachi.

The second half of the movie comes with a turn when Binnu got to know the reality of her girl. The second half is quite entertaining and it will make you glued to the chairs of theatre.The story moves forward in a completely different way after the interval that makes it unique and different from others.

Music is the strong point of the movie. The songs like Jigra and Sindoori makes the atmosphere light. The movie overall is a family entertainer with the doses of romance. While the comedy is almost negligible, you will like the moments of love that Binnu has for Prachi and his tractor.