“Bareilly ki Barfi” – Must be tasted



The genre of the movie is romantic comedy. And when it comes to romance Ayushman khurrana and Kriti Sanon seems the perfect match for the same. The movie is set in North Indian town of Bareilly.

Bitty Mishra (Krirti Sanon), a girl from Bareilly falls deeply in love with Pritam Vidrohi (Rajkummar). Pritam is an author whose style of writing made Bitty Mishra falls for him. So she decides to meet Pritam. But finding him is extremely difficult. Therefore she seeks help of a Chirag Dubey (Ayushmann), a local printing press owner to find his love. On a train journey, Bitti accidentally ends up devouring a novel titled Bareilly Ki Barfi. This is the turning point of the story. She starts seeking the author of book. As the time passes Bitti and Chirag becomes best friends. They start spending lot of time together. Chirag also promises Bitti to help her to find the author. But were they able to succeed? Was Bitti able to express her love in front of Pritam Vidrohi? A lot of questions will only be answered after watching the movie.

Rajkumar’s is one another important character of the movie that constantly attracted audience throughout the movie. His ability to act once again reflected his quality. The movie characters are introduced by the Writer-Composer Javed Akhtar is the best option chosen by AshwinyIyer Tiwari, the director of the movie. Akhtar’s voice can be heard throughout the movie describing situations and scenes.

The music track is one another important aspect of the movie that adds entertainment to it. The songs like” Sweaty tera drama” and “Twist Kamariya” has already created its magic before the release of the movie

The movie overall will keep you invested in its shining moments. This is surely a Barfi which you must have a bite with your family. The movie will definitely create a long lasting effect in your hearts.