Actress Evelyn Sharma tells about all her firsts…


“I was walking down the street in Germany one day when I was ‘discovered’. The next thing I knew, I walking international runways,” says Indo-German actress Evelyn Sharma, popular for her roles in Bollywood hits like Yaariyan and Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani (YJHD).

Evelyn is on cloud nine with the release of the music video ‘Party Nonstop’ — a club culture blockbuster. We decided to ask her some quirky questions. Here’s Evelyn Sharma talking to us about all the woh pehli baars in her life.

First pay cheque: My first pay was at the age of eight, when I baby-sat my cousin. I made a sweet ‘2 Euros an hour’ and a free pizza! Ha ha!

First thing you bought with your first pay: A tiny diamond necklace.

First assignment: My first modeling assignment was at the age of 15 for a kids-wear catalog in Germany.

First crush: I was 13 and he was in my school. He looked like a Disney prince.

First car: The one I drive now.

First trip abroad: Germany is really at the center of Europe so it’s a train ride of 5-6 hours to Austria, France, Holland, Italy, even London. My mom used to take us for hiking trips to Austria a lot when we were small.

First stage performance: I was the lead in my high school theatre play!

First award: For my comic role of Lara in YJHD.

First love: Yet to come!

First time you met your dream man: Waiting.

First time you cooked: I helped my mom make biryani.

First time someone proposed to you: Hard to remember after so many.

First time you slapped a stranger: In my film Issaq, I had to slap my co-star Prateik Babbar. It felt great. :p

First time you bought yourself an expensive luxury item: Oh, I just bought a piano, which is probably my most luxurious possession ever.

First time you felt lonely: Whenever I forget that God is all around me. Luckily, we are never truly alone (smiles).