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We all have just loved ‘Wajle ki Bara’ performance of Amruta Khanvilkar. Chirpy Amruta has won millions of hearts through her dance and acting too. we have recently seen this bubbly actress playing a vulnerable role in 24 season 2 and now she is trying something which she has not done earlier. She is trying to make the audiences laugh through her acts in Comedy Nights Bachao Tazaa. One of the leading actresses in Marathi Film Industry, Amruta has number of Marathi films in her kitty.

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What do you consider as a turning point in your life?

Amruta: There is no such one turning point I think. Life is a journey of all these turning points and ups and downs. For me turning points have been being accepted in this field getting to do what I love. A lot of career highs like my first Marathi film working with Ramgopal Verma, my super hit song Wajle ki bara …Winning Nach Baliye ….Being a part of 24 and many more.

Actress, Dancer and Comedian. What more talent is to be exposed from your side?

Amruta: Hahahahah I have no clue what’s in store for me so with my audiences I think I too will be surprised.

Please tell us about your early career days? How you came to this profession?

Amruta: Well I started my career from Pune. I did small photo shoots and then participated in ‘Zee Cinestars Ki Khoj’ on 2004. I did few Hindi serials after that like Ken Ghosh’s A.D.A. on Sahara One, Ketan Mehta’s Time Bomb on Zee TV. After that I worked with ram Gopal Verma in Phoonk and Contract and then did my first Marathi film Golmaal

What is your greatest achievement so far?

Amruta: I don’t think I have that stage where I can call my achievements as great. I do know that I want to work towards achieving greatness in my work.

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What has been the most incredible memory of your professional life till date?

Amruta: I think my song getting super-duper hit and also winning Nach baliye.

What is that one think you hate about your profession?

Amruta: There is no security. Every day is a struggle and sometimes it can lead to depression too.

What is that one virtue you value utmost in your life? Why?

Amruta: Always be with people who have been with you when the world couldn’t see you because those are the real people who will take you through life no matter what.

What are the three things that you wish you could change about the society?

Amruta: Corruption … the way women have to still fight for their rights…. and to stop female feticide.

What’s the craziest thing you have ever done?

Amruta: I still have to do it bungee jumping … sky diving.

Winning Nach Baliye, Playing item number in Himmatwala and Now 24 Season 2. What next coming.

Amruta: Well let’s wait and watch.

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