Anand Bhaskar Collective signs up exclusively with Go Live Talent & Records


Known for raising raw talent and helping them reach the zenith is what Go Live Talent and Records excels in. After building up innumerable naive artists, the company owned by Varkey Patani & his partner Nitin Gupta have signed front man Anand Bhaskar & his band entitled ‘Anand Bhaskar Collective’ as their exclusive artist.

The confirmation of the agreement was given by Varkey himself. He stated, “I have known Anand Bhaskar for past few months and we managed to connect brilliantly within the course of time. I believe that the band deserves a bigger stage and a larger platform to display their talent. I saw the potential in them during ‘Mood Indigo’ where the crowds went frenzy. So, bringing them into the mainstream is my challenge. I know we can change their lives to a great extent; after all, people know me for the same.”

“I am very excited and looking forward to this journey. All I could say right now is, watch out for them in near future,” he added.

Go Live Talent and Records is a talent management company and record label that specialises in managing various and building such as Elektro Sufi , artists including A band of Boys, Sherrin Varghese, Veena Parasher, Romy, DJ Vaggy, G Deep, Shubam Singh and others. Also, the brand is known for distributing content on a global platform across every country through their various partners globally.

Collaborating with Anand Bhaskar Collective would surely bring interesting musical performances for the audiences worldwide. The band, which includes shravan (violin), Shishir Thakur aka Tao (drums), Neelkanth Patel (bass), Hrishi (guitars) and Anand Bhaskar (vocals), has received various laurels at the very start of their career. The band believes in writing music by laying focus on high recall value and the heavy alt-rock sound. They have given albums like Excuse Me and Samsara, which were highly appreciated by music lovers.

Speaking of the collaboration, Anand Bhaskar, vocalist, said,” A great management team is the key to any artiste’s success and development. We love Varkey’s energy and his vision for ABC locks with the vision we’ve always had for ourselves. We are super confident that we will grow by leaps and bounds and will together achieve the goals we’ve set out for.”