Anisha Victor encounters frozen waterfalls and Himalayan bulbuls in Himachal


There are some actresses who slog and go through the grind, living a monotonous mundane lifestyle. And there are others like Anisha Victor who really know what it is to live it up.

The House Next Door and REJCTX fame Anisha is a total fun gal who loves everything from creative arts to scuba diving. This month she thought of taking a break at the foothills of the Himalayas. The travel bug took her from Karnal in Haryana to Manali in Himachal Pradesh.

From Manali she headed to Kasol, a smaller and quieter town near Kullu. Anisha spent a couple of days there and went on treks to Tosh, Grahan and Kheerganga. “The Kheerganga trek has two routes. We took the forest route to go up where we came across many beautiful waterfalls, some frozen on the way which made it difficult to walk as one could easily skid,” she reminisces.

“On the top of the hill at the Kheerganga base camp, the temperature was -1 and went down to almost -5 in the night. Back in Kasol, it rained non-stop and snowed in the surrounding mountains,” recalls Anisha. She excitedly adds, “We got to see some brown dippers, Himalayan magpie, Himalayan bulbul and some vultures etc on our trip.”

Must say, there are very few actresses who get to balance their professional and personal lives as well as Anisha does. We really envy her unbeatable spirit for exploring life. Kudos, girl.