Anveshi gives the best ‘red’ choice for Valentine’s day


Valentine’s Day calls for the best red outfit you have. So, just pick the right dress accordingly and make the most of the night.

Here are the 7 options suggested by Anveshi for your Valentine’s date tonight.

The classical red jumpsuit

Many of you, who have a date tonight with your valentine, are probably in office. That is how this outfit helps you to sort your work schedule and your perfect date night.

The boyfriend red t-shirt


If you have planned a simple cozy date planned at home wherein you are going to order some food and binge-watch your favourite television show, don’ try too hard. Just pick out any red loose t-shirt from your boyfriend’s wardrobe and look cute but classy.

Let things get hot with red

Just like the LBD, Valentine’s Day calls for you to grab a little hot red dress for yourself. Amaze everyone at today’s party with the spark you have in you.

Bloody red good

Newly married women have a different charm of wearing sarees and if you are newly married and you have a date tonight with your husband, don’t go for a dress to impress him. Just wrap a simple red saree with light makeup and messy hairdo and bring out the best in you.

Get your fairy tale right

Let the long gown flare and spread all over the ground as you walk hand in hand with your partner to the most romantic dinner today. You don’t have to be dressed in a short dress to look hot, try playing with the neck of your gown tonight.

The gymming red

Even if you are single and you are just going to hit the gym today, don’t let any guy think you are single and available. Stay in the Valentine’s Day vibe and wear the red tracksuit you have.

The hot pick

It is about you, how you feel like to be dressed. And if you have a party to attend today and you want the hottest dress, just go for it.