Arshad Warsi Calls Bigg Boss as a down market show


Bigg Boss Show could be going high in the rating list of Reality show on Indian television , but Arshad Warsi the ex-host of Bigg Boss do not feel this show to be the one where he could go and promote his upcoming movie. The show isn’t worth it according to the actor.

It all began when Arshad was found absent on the sets of Bigg Boss 11. The team of Golmaal Again was there for the promotion of their upcoming Diwali release.

Where on one hand, the absence is not justified yet, but the possible reason for the same could be one of his jokes on Salman during a promotional event. According to the sources, the most possible reason seems to be his problems with the show.  “The Bigg Boss show is down market “, told Arshad to the media. He further called the people on the show tacky. The channel attempts to boost the ratings of the show by telecasting the things that sell. And thus, morality is taking a backseat.”Although he hasn’t watched the episodes of the show, but has heard about it.

The very recent example of Zubair Khan and his rude behavior reflects the negativity associated with the show. He said that “People enjoy watching crass, and the channel is merely serving it.” The show telecast regressive content according to the actor.

“The day people will start changing their taste, the narratives of the show have to change the content too. When good behavior wears out, the dynamics change. The people will require some time to reach that stage. But the show is continuously sending nutcases in the house in order to improve their TRP ratings”, added Warsi.

It would be interesting to see the reply from Dabbang Khan regarding the same in the upcoming Weekend ka vaar.