Big Boss 11, Day 24 update


Like every Big Boss season, this one too has been an era of grudgeful clashes among the participants, but the Wednesday’s episode brought a fresh love confession between the unlikely couple of Akash Anil Dadlani and Dhinchak Pooja.

After getting off with the task, Akash rested over Pooja’s lap and made the love confession. Though Pooja denied but Akash replied, “Fine, I do. Here Pooja, I love you.” Pooja blushed but then expressed that she wasn’t just interested. She expressed her problems at home and that her father wouldn’t pay accordance,’’ and then she pushes Akash away.

Another red underlined contestant, Hina Khan suffered and had her worst day inside the house. During the Khulja Sim Sim task, everyone hurled abuse at each other and Hina was caught in the storm.

As a part of the task, Shilpa Shinde and Akash started splashing water on Vikas Gupta and Hina’s mices. Soon, things got worse and they started bad mouthing each other’s parents for their upbringing.

Puneesh’s words to Hina were revealed by Hina with a face full of tears and a trembling voice, “Badzaat ka matlab kitna bura hota hai. I’m sorry mumma you had to hear this.”

In order to lure the in-task participants, Big Boss offered pizza and garlic bread but only Dhinchak Pooja fell for it. She excused herself for being targeted into the jail. Though Hina tried to convince her, but Vikas and others kept confronting Pooja that she would definitely be thrown in the jail.

Finally, the blue team was declared the winner of the luxury budget task and no sooner the residents started conspiring of who the next captain should be.

Akash was being confident for his nomination but none of the residents wanted him to be the next captain.

And Mehjabi found a voice and notified everyone that none has the right to call her dark. She talked of how people went mad after her with her makeup on.