Bigg Boss 11: Getting more controversial day by day


The season 11 of the Indian reality show Bigg Boss 11 is already launched. It has been in controversy since the day it started. The drama inside the house is increasing day by day. From Verbal Abuse to Physical violence, we have seen all in these two weeks.

Something strange happened last night in the big boss house that was truly unexpected. Vikas Gupta the celebrity contestant ran away from the Bigg Boss house. When he found one of the gates left open accidentally by the crew of Bigg Boss show. He quickly managed to escape from the house.

It is well known that no contestant of the show is allowed to leave Bigg Boss house until he is voted out or is ordered to leave the house by Bigg Boss.

Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan had a terrible fight. Arshi khan switched her side towards Hina khan and Vikas Gupta .Shilpa continued to tease and irritate Vikas but neither of the two tried to stop her.

Zubair khan on the other hand had to make an exit from the house as he tried committing sucide. Later that night he was voted out also as he got the least number of votes.

The reaction of Bigg Boss on Vikas’s exit is still to be seen. Watch Bigg Boss 11 for more updates.