Bigg Boss season 11- Vikas and Shilpa fights turning worst day by day.


In the recent episode of Bigg Boss 11, Vikas and Shilpa continue to fight with each other. Priyank and other contestants were seen talking against Vikas. Arshi was given a task to broom the floor and she does it sensually.

The drama in the episode started when the Bigg Boss asked the contestants to give two names who should be sent to jail. The Bigg Boss further informed the contestants that the jail will now be even harder to live as the person living in the jail would only get two meals a day.

Most of the housemates including Hina Khan were in favor of Arshi going to Jail, but she gets angry with the same. The housemates then discussed to send Vikas and Shilpa to the jail, but the plan was dropped.

Shilpa warned Vikas not to touch her again. Hina asked housemates to send Vikas to the jail as he took money from others in the task. Most of the housemates decide to send Mehjabee and Vikas in the jail. Luv then uses his special captain powers to send Arshi in the jail.

Shilpa and Akash started taunting Vikas about going to the jail. When the blinders are down, Vikas tries to escape from the jail. The Bigg Boss called the contestant in the confession room and consoles him. Shilpa was then called to the confession room. There, she was asked not to make personal remarks on Vikas’s past. Although, Shilpa apologizes for the same to Vikas, but she continues to tease him.

Akash makes fun of the story and clarification about the Bhabhi Ji controversy told by Vikas. Priyank doesn’t look much happy with the same and he charges towards him. Hiten and Luv were able to hold Priyank back but Akash continued to tease him.

In the preview, it is shown that Vikas finally decides to run out of the house and he builds a ladder out of furniture. He is shown standing on the roof. It would be interesting to see what happens next. So just keep watching Bigg Boss 11 to get the latest updates.