BiggBoss contestant Zubair files complaint against Salman Khan


Bigg Boss Contestant Zubair Khan, who was eliminated from the ongoing reality show, this week, has reportedly filed a complaint against a report against the show’s host Salman Khan for threatening him.

The Ex-contestant of Bigg Boss 11 filed the report as soon as he was evicted from the show. He wrote in the report that Salman khan has threaten him that he will not be able to find a work in the industry once he gets out of the house. The filmmaker demanded an apology from Dabbang Khan. Salman was quite until Friday. But this Saturday the actor apologized in a comical way. He told the audience that he is sorry for calling a member of Bigg Boss house a dog, thus would like to apologize to all the dogs for comparing them with that man. He then burst out into laughter.

It was a perfect answer to Zubair who claims to have underworld connection.

While talking with reporters he informed that as soon as he was out of the house, the crew and managing directors of the show asked him to go back and wait for the Bigg Boss order, but he refused to do so as it was then the matter of his self respect. He further added that Salman needs to apologize to him for all his harsh words and accept that he did wrong.

The filmmaker had said that he is going to sue Colors and Bigg Boss Crew for misusing his name and identity to gain ratings.

“The celebrity left the house early Sunday morning due to some health issues”, sources says.