Bollywood PR guru Dale Bhagwagar EXPOSED


This is HOW Rakhi Sawant VANISHED in broad daylight!

Truth hurts! But it needs to be told.

Controversy’s favourite child Rakhi Sawant called Valmiki, the sage author of Ramayana, a murderer. Then she played innocent. When a court case was filed against her by an advocate in Ludhiana, she is alleged to have ignored the summons. When a warrant was issued and Ludhiana cops came to Mumbai to arrest her, the ever-so-visible Rakhi simply VANISHED.

Selectively speaking to a media she feigned ignorance about the summons and the warrant. Only later it turned out that all throughout the day the cops were looking for her, she was with Bollywood PR guru Dale Bhagwagar who seemed to have whisked her away.

Now Dale is no ordinary media man. The publicist is the most scheming and manipulative spin doctor Bollywood has ever produced. So much so that most in the media often say: ‘Where there is controversy, there is Dale.’

So Rakhi mysteriously disappeared with Dale on the day the cops came looking. The Bollywood publicist posted a picture of Rakhi on his social media, speaking to a television news agency, and said she was dressed in “shiny fluorescent green and moving around doing a photo shoot, interviews and interacting with fans on the streets” all over the Andheri suburb of Mumbai.

Bollywood PR guru Dale Bhagwagar

He said, “no one could have missed her in that bright outfit.” Mind you, the cops were looking for her in Andheri.

Meanwhile, strangely the media started carrying conflicting reports of Rakhi being arrested and an IANS report even had a spokesperson claiming she surrendered. It turned out to be incorrect as the a Deputy Commissioner of Police from Ludhiana gave a clarification that their team had not got hold of Rakhi.

And then we leant about the shocker. While the entire media was waiting outside the Police Stations in Andheri and the cops were looking for her, Dale seemed to have used his guerrilla PR tactics and taken Rakhi to an advocate.

Next day, Rakhi put a video on her social media where she apologized for the comment on Valmiki. And Dale said, “she will speak to the media soon.” Knowing the control freak that this PR specialist is, we don’t doubt that.