…and destiny played it’s part: Shobhita Rana | Interview


Model turned Shobhita sizzled with her first T- series music video “NAA HEERE NU SATA” which gave her an opportunity to make her acting debut with Punjabi blockbuster film “Ishq Brandy”. Success of “Ishq Brandy” gave her a big shot into Bollywood. Later she did “Gollu aur Pappu” and “Canada Di Flight”, in which she stars opposite Yuvraj Hans.

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Excerpt from an interaction with Sobhita.

How was the journey from a being model to an actress?

Shobhita: Acting and modeling was never my plan but it just happened and the journey has been good so far.

Do you consider the destiny as a major player in making you what you are or was it your passion that drove you here?

Shobhita: No, it was never my passion. I came to Mumbai for my studies and destiny played it’s part.

How did you manage to grab the very first project in this field?

Shobhita: I was a fashion designing student in Mumbai, when few of my friends asked me to go for auditions.

What diverted you towards doing the film when you were at a high point in modelling?

Shobhita: I worked for a lot of multiple brands and once i finished college i wanted to try my hand in acting too.

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Is being extremely choosy the reason behind not seeing you in other Bollywood films after “Gollu Aur Pappu”?

Shobhita: I got a lot of offers after this one and after reading a lot of scripts that came my way, i decided to do a punjabi film.

‘Hailing from Chandigarh made you more inclined towards doing Punjabi projects.’ To what extent is this statement true?

Shobhita: I only go for good scripts. Yes, shooting in my hometown did made me happy.

How daunting was it to work in your first ‘Telugu’ film?

Shobhita: I’m still working on this one. It feels nice to work in different regions. Speaking Telugu is a challenge.

What Bollywood actor do you look forward to work with?

Shobhita: Many, Shahrukh is my favorite.

In what future projects can we spot you?

Shobhita: Raja meeru keka – Telugu

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Apart from acting what are your passions?

Shobhita: Designing Clothes, Singing and exploring new places.

What genre of movies do you find comfortable in doing?

Shobhita: Romantic

Do you think it’s wise to step out of the comfort zone to try versatility and broaden the bandwidth or perfecting and sticking to one’s genre is a better option?

Shobhita: If you are good at something you should stick to it. If you don’t have a plan, should step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Should always have a goal.

Is it true that you changed your name from Shobhit to Shobhita. What was the reason behind?

Shobhita: Shobhit sounds like a guy’s name so i added ‘A’ to it.

Your movie Ishq Brandy received acclamation from across the country. How was the experience?

Shobhita: Thankful for appreciating my work.

What would you prefer in the long run? Living like a star or enjoying life as a commoner away from the limelight?

Shobhita: Living like a star, why not