Dr. Monica Kapoor spoke about how she met ‘Raja Babu’ of Bollywood


B-town is an industry where hunky physique and sexy looks rule. An appealing appearance has given uplift to the drowning careers of innumerable actors. And this is when cosmetic treatments come to the rescue. Even superstars like Govinda, who have been known for their acting skills, didn’t hesitate in the opening about the idea of cosmetic treatments. After all, it’s a need for an actor to look his best no matter how talented he is.

Sharing an encounter with Govinda, Dr. Monica Kapoor, Cosmetic physician and skin care expert says, “Govinda told me that he was thinking to visit my clinic to talk about cosmetic treatment. Even though cosmetic treatments have become a necessity, celebrities hardly feel comfortable to talk about the same.”

Dr. Kapoor met the very own Raja Babu of Bollywood in a party organized by one of their mutual friends. Monica further mentioned that Govinda was quite familiar with her and the work she does.

She feels that Govinda is one such actor who looks fit, fine and handsome even today. “I don’t really see a need for cosmetic treatment as he is extremely fit and good looking even at this point of age. He still possesses that youthful charm which is quite appealing. But beyond these physical traits, he is a fantabulous soul. Widely accepted as comedy king, Govinda is an utterly humble and beautiful person from inside. Not for a second I sensed any air of stardom around him.”

As for Dr. Monica Kapoor, she has been acknowledged innumerable times for her work. She was awarded ‘best cosmetologist’ by Films Today Magazine. Alsso, she has been appreciated for being sympathetic towards the acid victims and lending a hand of help every now and then.