Episode 3 of Big Boss 11 showed various colors of the contestants


Post the controversial session of the first nominations, the third day began with contestants dancing to the beats of Chak Dhoom Dhoom. The new morning saw super energetic contestants not only within the main house but in the neighbourhood as well.

But good things don’t last either. The good mood soon turned disgusting as Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta brought in another topic to stretch their long going row.  Jumping in the scenario, Akash Dadlani spontaneously composed a rap around the lazy work ethics of Vikas, within the house. Obviously that won’t sound pleasing to the other party and hence resulted in a heated feud. Well, Shilpa didn’t leave the chance either and acted as a good opportunist by joining Akash in the game.

But that’s not enough for a day. after all it’s big boss’s house and hence you can expect a lot more than this. So adding to the already tensed situations, Zubair and Bandagi got involved in another argument which was about the language being used by Zubair since the very starting. In fact, the language was the reason behind Zubair getting nominated in the very first week.

Countering back the reason presented by Zubair for coming to Bigg Boss house, where he says, “My only focus is that my kids see me on TV and my message is conveyed to them,”Bandagi initiated another argument. She commented that the entire episode is a mere trick to gain sympathy and Zubair has very well done his homework before coming to the show as he knows the art to get people’s attention.

No matter how many fights go on or how tensed the situation gets, the game goes on. Amidst the chaos, Bigg Boss finally gave the first task to the contestants where they were supposed to operate a farm. Akash seemed quite cool while taking care of their first guest; a donkey. He, in fact, began calling him jack. That’s weird. Isn’t it?

Despite of putting all the efforts, the gharwale lost the task to padosis.

Another task was, to transfer the fish from one tank to another. This was voluntarily taken by Zubair. Though he managed to bring points for gharwales but caused bit harm to the little creature.

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