Gurpreet Singh: The action sequences in ‘Porus’ are very international


Gurmeet Choudhary

Actor Gurpreet Singh, who is part of ‘Porus’ on Sony TV, has a lot of action scenes in the show. The actor says that initially he was hesitant but now enjoys them. “The first time I did this kind of action sequence in ‘Porus’, I was quite nervous. Although I have done some action sequences in south films, these were very international. I was quite excited while doing action and my fear went away after performing them,” he says.

The actor says that performing in a costume drama is more challenging than a normal soap. “You have to carry heavy jewellery and a heavy sword. We are comfortable in our regular clothing but it’s different when you are in the look of the character and in winter, it gets more difficult. Also, you might get sunburnt when you are dressed the way we are in ‘Porus’. But living that era and experiencing that life makes you forget all the pain,” he says.

Ask him if he enjoys action sequences, and he says “Yeah, it does as you get excited and the happiness of passing the expectations of the action director and director is amazing. After doing these stunts, the whole unit applauds and it looks to me that all the hard work has paid off.”