Indian Music Romeo | Shrey Singhal | Interview


Shrey Singhal is a Young Indian Playback Singer, Actor, Music Director, Lyricist and Music Producer. He Released his Debut single titled – Bhool Na Jaana at the Age of 16 in 2011. It became an Instant Hit within Hours of Release and it went on to Garner 10 Million Hits on YouTube .

Shrey has released 7 Music Videos till date which have been Hits on YouTube and Television After working for 4 years with the Popular Video Directors like Director Gifty, Sumit Bharadwaj, Ben Peters and David Zennie. His next release was with the Famous Bollywood Actress Evelyn Sharma Song Titled Khudaai Released by T-Series.

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Excerpt from an interaction with Shrey.

What are your musical influences? And who did you grow up listening to?

Shrey: I Don’t have any Musical influences somehow but my favorite artistes are – Drake, Kanye West and Justin Bieber.

How do you define your music since it is somewhere midway between rock and pop if I am not wrong?

Shrey: My music is solely Pop. Rock has just been a part of orchestration and arrangement in a few of my tracks like Koi Fariyaad and Bepanah.

Nowadays music has become more of a viewing pleasure as opposed to a listening one. What you want to say on that?

Shrey: Yes unfortunately, these days people have very less patience and time to decide whether the song is going to end up in their car’s audio system or not and to crack that in the first 30 odd seconds you have to have a kick ass music video to catch the attention of the viewer.

2You are known as Indian Atif Aslam, do you feel it justify your talent?

Shrey: Well, talking about being called Indian Atif Aslam, i take it as a compliment.

A – He is a superstar

B – I know the reason why people call me that

C – It shall remain a secret. Period.

Three words that best describe you?

Shrey: Chipotle, Bentley and Lover Boy.

What’s your biggest dream?

Shrey: I don’t like to dream, i feel it spoils the fun of achieving what you never could ever imagine you would.

“Teri Yaadein” has more than 50 Million views, how does it feel?

Shrey: Teri Yaadein is one of my favorite songs. While dubbing we never thought that it would become the Tum Hi Ho of non-filmy songs and yes it feels massive to see these kind of numbers on YouTube.

Do you have any funny incident to share with us?

Shrey: Loads of them but I’ll tell you one, there was one girl fan of mine while i was driving back home from the airport. Stopped her car right, stood right infront, shouted i love you can i touch you once, i said come. and i said i love you too. She fainted. and i had to actually get out of the car and make her fine.

If you had to do it all over again, would you still choose this career? Would you do anything differently?

Shrey: No i was born to make music. and i will continue to do so no matter what. I don’t believe in the mantra of so far so good.

Apart from singing, what are you hidden talents?

Shrey: Hidden talents are supposed to be hidden right what’s the whole point of them otherwise. But one of my hidden talents are i can read faces, like right now the viewer is thinking that how cool this guy is. lol.

Who is your favorite actor and why?

Shrey: Salman Khan. Why? haha because he is Salman Khan.

With whom do you want to sing a duet? And which song?

Shrey: I recently sang a duet with Akriti Kakkar for the film Junooniyat and I’m singing my next duet with Neeti Mohan.

Any memory you want to share with our viewers.

Shrey: All memories that i have from my fans are just full of love, respect and care. The kind of messages i get every hour are something which i cannot thank them enough. They pour their hearts out and that makes me want to give it my all in each upcoming song. And i try my best to keep them happy. I’m what i am because of them. I love you all and keep blessing.