Indian Princess shuns Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss?


While Bigg Boss 11 housemates go through all their weird machinations, romances, bromances and confrontations, here’s another bit of surprising spice that just came in.

Bollywood PR Dale Bhagwagar, who has handled the publicity for a whole 20 controversial contestants who have been on the show earlier, has speculated that a Princess let go of the show this year. -_-

“I have a feeling BB could not stop a Princess from Jaipur from giving a pass to the show this year. #ColdFeet #LastMinute,” he tweeted.

The publicist ain’t telling more for now and we wonder who this Indian Princess could be. Moreover, why she would have missed a chance to interact with none other than megastar Salman Khan on India’s numero uno reality show! 😮

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss is said to be fighting hard to improve its TRP score this year too. When we asked Dale about it, he said, “Bigg Boss could learn a trick or two from Grand Boss Arnab Goswami. While BB showcases flaring emotions with senseless fights by the contestants, Arnab awakens sentiments with fights about ethics.” Wow! What an analogy. Think about it.