Is JP Dutta’s Paltan poster COPIED from Hollywood’s Platoon and Band of Brothers?


We have long known that Bollywood’s only PR guru has what many call eagle’s eyes. He spots things the common man cant… and knows stuff the aam aadmi doesn’t.

Once again the publicity maverick has come up with a shocker! This week, Dale posted a collage with the poster of J.P.Dutta’s much-anticipated Bollywood film Paltan, along with posters of Hollywood blockbusters Platoon and Band of Brothers on his Twitter. And we can’t help but stare at the similarities.

The posters have a grunge look. Both Paltan and Platoon posters have dog tags (the little metal plates with soldier names). And all the three have soldiers in silhouette (in the shadow, with light from the back) on a hilltop, with dark clouds forming the backdrop.

But when we contacted Dale, he wasn’t amused at the plagiarism. Instead he said, “it’s happens” and “shouldn’t be made an issue of.”

“Let’s not make a big deal out of it. Everything a human being thinks, says and does is nothing but a culmination of thoughts and ideas he has acquired over time. Originality is nothing but inspired innovation,” he remarked.

However Dale mentioned that the Paltan poster does seem to have a different kind of flaw. “The dog tags shown in it are of the shape worn by militaries abroad; mainly the US Army. To my knowledge, Indian Army personnel wear round-shaped dog tags around the neck and oval ones around the wrist,” pointed out the public relations expert.

Whoa! How does this PR guy get to know all these things! He probably manages to break more Bollywood stories on his social media than any contemporary entertainment journalist might do in mainstream media. Lol. And he does it so innocently. True blue journalism; PR style!!