Kamaal R Khan made Twitter Responsible for attempting Suicide


Kamaal R Khan attempted Suicide after Twitter refuses to store his official account. The account of self proclaimed Critic was suspended a few days back.

Kamaal in the name of review, revealed the climax of Amir Khan’s recent release-Secret Superstar. Thereafter, on the request of Amir, Twitter banned Kamaal to access his account indefinitely. Angry with the decision, Kamaal R Khan threatened Twitter by stating that, he would commit suicide if the company will not restore his Twitter account back.

One Twitter handle that is known for giving out authentic information about Bigg Boss show, tweeted that, Ex-BB Contestant Kamaal R. Khan attempted suicide and is now in critical condition. He has been hospitalized.

However, it is not confirmed yet, that the man actually did something like that or this is his one another controversy.

KRK box office recently tweeted that, “According to our sources-Versova Area police has just reached to KRK Bungalow because they got call that KRK is going to commit suicide today”.

— KRKBOXOFFICE (@KRKBoxOffice) November 3, 2017

Kamaal earlier made @Twitterindia and staff Ms. Mahima Kaul, Viral Jani and Mr. Taranjeet Singh responsible for all the actions he do next. He earlier stated that the company cheated him as they firstly charged 1 million rupees from him and then denied him to access his account.

However, it has not been confirmed yet, that KRK actually did something or not.