Meghna Patel: Bold, Bindass and Pure Heart Girl | Interview


Meghna Patel is an Indian actress, who works in Hindi films and TV Serials. She has received awards for her films like Aap ki awaz Award,Nehru Award and Aiwaa Award. She started her career with Bhojpuri films, and soon debuted in Hindi Cinema with Film Aishwarya. She has done some other hindi movies as well as a few TV serials. She came in limelight when she posed for photoshop to support BJP’s Prime Minister candidate Narendra Modi during Loksabha election 2014. She left her impact by acting. Now she is also doing social work. We wish her lots of success in career.

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Excerpt from an interaction with Meghna.

What’s your family’s take on your bold image and the fact that you are working in Bollywood?

Meghna: My family understands me and my profession. They know how much hard work and efforts i have done to achieve this position, name and career. They trust me and proud of me.

Do you have any personal addictions?

Meghna: Yes i have addiction of work. I work, work and only work. I am health conscious and follow fitness rules like diet and also do gym, yoga, walk and aerobics regularly. so you can say it’s my 2nd addiction.

You feel the pressure to always dress sexily or do you sometimes step out in a loose tee and tracks?

Meghna: Yes, it’s pressure for actress to carry make up and get well dress and well behave all the time. But personally i like to be my self do whatever feel like doing and wear in what i feel comfortable. By the way tee n tracks are my favourites, they are very comfortable and i m also fitness freak too. According to me tee and tracks should be universal dress code ???? so i can wear it everywhere.

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What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Meghna: I am most crazy, moody and funny when i am with my close friends. I do lots of crazy stuff when i am with my friends, only my best friends know my that side.

You started your career as stage performer, from stage till today. How’z your journey experience?

Meghna: My journey is like a film, its a real life film, its full of ups and downs, many turns and twist. I learn and inspire lot by my own life. I am strong girl now who can face any situation. Every girl should be strong and understand her existence and value, should not be scare to put her thinking and true belief in front of world if she trust her self.

Are you same Bold and Bindass personality we saw on TV/movies or you are a different person in real life?

Meghna: No i am very different, i am very simple, sensitive, introvert, shy, grounded, moody and homely.

How do you spend your weekends or time off?

Meghna: I hardly get time for my family and close friends so whenever i get time i love and like to be with my family and friends.

What’s turns you on?

Meghna: Movie and music, romantic, creative and intelligent stuff.