Mid-Day attacks Evelyn Sharma! Would Donald Trump call it “Fake News”?


If Donald Trump would have read Mid-Day’s snippet on the Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani actress Evelyn Sharma this week, he might have screamed his trademark line, “FAKE NEWS! FAKE NEWS!” 😉

When Evelyn’s PR team sent out a press note on the Sunny Sunny gal, a lot of media carried it well. But it seems the Hitlist section of Mumbai’s tabloid Mid-Day tried hard to turn and twist the words with a verbal attack on her reputation. So whereas the press release spoke about Evelyn’s growing number of fans, the local paper apparently played with words and said they couldn’t believe she has fans. Hawwww!

Hit me if you can

Now in such a situation, it would be normal for the actress and her public relations team to get defensive and go into crisis management mode. Instead, Evelyn’s publicist Dale Bhagwagar laughs it off as he says, “I can’t be defensive about something like this!”

He philosophizes that the general situation of the entire tabloid print media all over the world has been looking grim. “There was a time, the spicy gossip tabloids ruled. But now, mobile space has taken over traditional media. The web, broadband, live television, radio and all things digital are the new world order.” Dale gives an example of how fast Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV has caught on with the youth, thanks to the channel’s digital outreach.

“Advertising and marketing for every print media is tougher now. Newsprint costs have gone up. Jobs in news media are at stake. At such a time, who is to ascertain that sensationalism and negative publicity may not be a psychological thing for editors or journalists to vent out all that pent up irritation?” asks the PR specialist.

“Itna frustration toh banta hai. Lets forgive them,” he remarks about the Mid-Day Hitlist article.

For the record, after giving a speech about world peace at Donald Trump’s National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC, Evelyn Sharma will next be seen in a key role in Imtiaz Ali‘s forthcoming film with Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma.