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Sai Tamhankar is the leading actress from Marathi film Industry who is ruling over millions of hearts with her style and glamour. ‘Jaundya Na Balasaheb’ and ‘Family Katta’ are her two films which are releasing on the 7th of October 2016. This bold and beautiful actress was a part of few Bollywood films as well. Going a step forward, Sai will be seen in an international film “Love Sonia”.

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Excerpt from an interaction with Sai.

How did you manage to grab the very first project in Bollywood?

Sai: Initially I used to work for Makarand Deshpande. I used to do back stage for him. 8 – 9 years ago when I was struggling in this industry, like every other struggler, I used to hang around the Prithvi theatre a lot. One fine day my friend told me about the auditions happening at Mukta Arts office, so I went there for the audition and I was shortlisted for the role of Nimmo in Black and White movie by Subhash Ghai, which was my very first project in Bollywood.

Do you consider the destiny as a major player in making you what you are or was it your passion that drove you here?

Sai: Ofcourse yes destiny played a very big and important part when it came to my career in acting because I had never planned to be an actress. It was sheer accidental and I consider that accident as the best one. I did few plays in my college days and I was also honored with an award for my performance. I was also offered a Marathi serial after that and that’s how I landed up in Mumbai for work. So definitely yes! my destiny brought me here. Slowly and gradually I started getting more work and I learnt lot of things.

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Apart from acting what are your passions?

Sai: I love to work on anything related to fashion. I love styling clothes. Recently I have developed interest in cooking.

Was there any emotional moment in your career?

Sai: Oh there are so many… I was nominated for State Awards in the category of the Best Debutant. I did not get the award but I was immensely happy for my nomination. There have been zillions of emotional moments so far. Duniyadari movie is very close to my heart. I feel blessed to be a part of Duniyadari movie which was the highest grossing Marathi movie. Being a part of such huge success is blissful.

Tell us about your role in Love Sonia?

Sai: The character which I’m playing in Love Sonia is named Anjali and Anjali is a pimp. It’s an interesting character and I had lot of fun playing Anjali in Love Sonia. That’s all I can say now.

You establishing yourself as a bold actress is what you really  wanted or it’s industry/script’s demand always? Or you feel bold is the correct word for your characters.

Sai: Bold and beautiful is the image created by my fans and the audience. I had never aimed to be bold or beautiful. I just like doing roles which are out of the box, which are edgy, which are intense, which are slightly controversial & which are really very challenging for me as a person and as an actor as well. So I don’t really bother about the tag but this is something which has been created by somebody, I had never aimed it to be bold and beautiful. The kind of roles that I have played so far, it is pretty obvious for people to tag me as a bold actress and I’m absolutely okay with it.

The hardest role you’ve ever played, and why it was hardest.

Sai: To be very honest there are two roles which were hardest for me. One was from the Marathi film ‘Pune 52’ wherein I was playing the character of Neha and the script demanded a smooch. For me it was for the first time onscreen and according to me, playing any kissing or an intimate scene onscreen is quite bland because there are thousands of people watching you so it was challenging and I was doing it for the first time on screen so I was really stressed. Another hardest role I had played was of Jyotsna from the film Hunterrr because I was really scared of Marathi audience’s reaction. But now when I look back, I think, these were some characters that I played for myself, to test my skills and to challenge myself to grow as an actress. So these two roles were the hardest but they were worth doing it.

What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?

Sai: There’s nothing like that.

In what future projects can we spot you?

Sai: Primarily Love Sonia in 2017, and I’m looking forward to work in many more Bollywood movies.