SHOCKING: Arjun Rampal bullied Paltan co-stars?


Grapevine has it that Arjun Rampal has been playing big bully to some of his lesser known and upcoming co-stars working in JP Dutta’s mega film Paltan.

A source reveals that during the shooting of the film, “Arjun would throw hot water on actor Siddhanth (Shakti) Kapoor. He would even throw small stones at the genitals of other male actors and have fun at their expense.”

“He would ask other male co-actors to show their biceps and suddenly punch them in the groin… literally hurting them,” reveals the source. Apparently, once Siddhanth was applying moisturizer on his forearm. Suddenly, Arjun made a comment about his “hairy forearm.” Before Siddhanth could say anything, Arjun is said to have plucked out a fistful of hair from Siddhant’s forearm, leaving him in a lot of pain. Siddhanth pleaded with him saying, “Please find some other target bro!”

The source adds that Arjun didn’t even spare senior actor-politician Shatrugan Sinha’s son Luv Sinha. “Arjun would ask people on the sets to mimic Shatrugan Sinha, even after Luv Sinha requested him not to do so in his presence. He would smartly ask someone to do it, when he could see that Luv was around to hear it. Luv was so stressed about it that he stopped sitting on the same table with other actors for lunch and dinner.”

Now if all this is true, does it make Siddhanth Kapoor and Luv Sinha look like sissies?